About Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most popular on-line social networking websites the world has ever seen, making it a veritable untapped network for traffic and business. End users and ultimately customers spend a great amount of time on Facebook looking to make new friends, interact with people, search businesses, play games and interact with local and international interest groups.

Marketing on Facebook

When you make it possible for your advertising message to travel to these people through Facebook, you are opening your businesses to literally thousands upon thousands of people and potential customers! Business facebook pages are NOT personal friend pages, where you post information about what you had for lunch that day with the girls, what the concert was like at the weekend or to vent anger over your football teams score. Take a look at the difference below!

Did you know the average person has over 500 friends on Facebook, why not invite them to your business page so that they can become fans of your business and spread the word to their friends too? Also, adding social media marketing to your advertising campaign can help with rankings on Google and other search engines; this means higher rankings, more traffic, more searches and more inquiries! Contact us today for a free NO obligation quote!

Our Facebook service

At Social Domains, we build your COMPANY a bespoke Facebook business page that mirrors your company website! The Facebook business pages come with:

  • A bespoke designed “timeline” banner based on your company website
  • Unique Facebook domain name e.g. www.facebook.com/StairliftSolutions
  • A customer hyperlink to your main website
  • ‘likes’ promoting you in the local area of interest
  • Linked up to local groups, forums, events, conferences and potential customers
  • A bespoke photo gallery and video link
  • Push marketing campaign with weekly feed / post updates
  • Facebook tab link from your business website