Desktop web design

Most businesses these days have already tried and more often than not failed in their attempt to benefit from the Internet and on-line advertising. At Social Domains, our team of qualified advisors can advise you on all your website needs, and decide on the best package that suits not only your specific requirements, but also your budget!

Your website is in essence your shop window, and we understand that the better shop window you have, the more customers that it will attract. Therefore we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, bespoke web design that will ultimately drive quality leads to your business.

Our bespoke web design service

With our many years’ experience, our in-house web designers at Social Domains will always go the extra mile in delivering your design ideas and unique specification. Customer service, satisfaction and deliverance is very important to us and we will only put your website live once you are 100% satisfied with the bespoke design.

Take a look at what you get…

  • Your company and / or generic domain name e.g. and
  • 12 months platinum hosting package.
  • Custom bespoke design by a dedicated qualified designer.
  • Customer content management system — enabling you to make changes to your website as and when required.
  • Search engine submission.
  • Content rich keywords and phrases added for optimisation.
  • 1-2-1 support from dedicated advisors.
  • Fully responsive web design that coverts to over 200 different screen sizes.

Mobile web design

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets like the iPad have revolutionized how we interact with and publish information; surfing the internet using your Smartphone, however, whilst convenient, can be a very frustrating and a time-consuming exercise if trying to access a non-mobile compliant website.

The result is often that people prefer to wait until they are sitting at a PC than have to try to scroll around and zoom about on a website on their tiny mobile device screens. Added to this is the problem that many of your potential customers do not have access to a PC there and then, yet they are more than likely to own a smartphone which is a much easier and cheaper means of accessing the internet.

Social Domains specialises in the registration and investment of .mobi domain names and will link up and divert your existing website to a smartphone or mobile tablet machine website. We are at the forefront of mobile device websites. With our software, experience and knowledge, your business can only benefit from your new mobile friendly website.

We can take your current website and maximize all of the pages to be smart phone enabled: Social Domains have developed the software to turn content and information from your website into mobile format automatically. We can also design a mobile site for you as part of our design package when you get a desktop website from us.

What you get

  • Company and / or generic .mobi domain name e.g.
  • .mobi mobile device hosting package.
  • Custom or mirror design of your desk top website.
  • Customer content management — enabling changes as and when required by you.
  • Search engine optimised (SEO) for mobile devices.
  • Automatic redirect from main website to mobile site.
  • 1-2-1 support form dedicated advisors.